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Dude Ranch (eBook)

Dude Ranch (eBook)

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The founders of The Saddle Club -- Stevie Lake,Carole Hanson, and Lisa Atwood -- gear up for theadventure of their lives when their friend Kate Devineinvites them to her family's dude ranch. They willhave a whole week of cowboy-style riding, plus thefun of making Kate a clubmember.But when they arrive, the girls soon realizethere's more to the West than Hollywood shootout andcolorful costumes. To show a cowhand that they'renot just dumb dudes, they pitch in withchores and help on a cattle roundup, where Steviehas a run-in with a dangerous rattlesnake. Anothersour note for Stevie: Her birthday is coming up,and no one seems to care. Little does she know thather Saddle Club buddies have a top-secret surprisein the works for her!

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