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Deception (eBook)

Deception (eBook)

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Queen Elizabeth is furious at the production delays of her new coin. To escape her bad temper, Lady Grace and her fellow Maids of Honour skate down the frozen River Thames to the eagerly anticipated Frost Fair. But a gruesome discovery on the icea dead man with coins covering his eyesinterrupts the winter revelry. As the Queens Lady Pursuivant, Grace must unravel the mystery.Uncover a dangerous world of counterfeiting and corruption inside the private daybooke of Lady Grace, the queens favorite Maid of Honour.All miscreants and ill-thinkers, keep out! The Lady Grace Mysteries come to us from the most privy and secret daybooke of Lady Grace Cavendish, Maid of Honour to her Gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth I of that name.From the Hardcover edition.

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