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Chukfi Rabbit's Big, Bad Bellyache (eBook)

Chukfi Rabbit's Big, Bad Bellyache (eBook)

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"e;Chukfi is a trickster worthy of the name, and this fresh, funny tale makes an excellent addition to the genre."e; (starred reivew, Kirkus Reviews)Named to Kirkus Reviews' Best Books of 2014Silly kids, tricks are for rabbits! Chukfi Rabbit, that is. The laziestand hungriesttrickster rabbit there is!Deep in Choctaw Country, Chukfi Rabbit is always figuring out some way to avoid work at all costs. When Bear, Turtle, Fox, and Beaver agree on an everybody-work-together day to build Ms. Possum a new house, Chukfi Rabbit says he's too busy to help. Until he hears there will be a feast to eat after the work is done: cornbread biscuits, grape dumplings, tanchi labona (a delicious Choctaw corn stew), and best of all, fresh, homemade butter! So while everyone else helps build the house, Chukfi helps himself to all that yummy butter! The furry fiend! But this greedy trickster will soon learn that being this lazy is hard work! A classic trickster tale in the Choctaw tradition.Greg Rodgers is a storyteller and writer. He is a member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma and tells stories in schools, libraries, festivals, and tribal events throughout the country. He is currently completing a PhD at the

of Illinois, Urbana.Leslie Stall Widener lives in north Texas in a one-hundred-year old farmhouse with her husband, also an illustrator. When she was a child, she explored every inch of her grandparents' Oklahoma farm, an allotment her grandmother received for her Choctaw ancestry. Leslie's latest book, a collaboration with her sister, is an illustrated history of fashion.

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