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Buried Above Ground (eBook)

Buried Above Ground (eBook)

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A short stand-alone digital novella set in the world of Leah Cypesss Nightspell, where ghosts exist alongside humans and nearly every lavish ball is part murder mystery.In the kingdom of Ghostland, every murdered soul comes back as a ghost, and every ghost has only one desirevengeance. Emilie had everything shed ever wantedbeautiful dresses, a perfectly decorated room, a party every night, and the eye of a nobleman. But then shes killed. And now shell stop at nothing to find out who did it. No one in the palace of Ghostland is above suspicionnot even the people closest to her. This haunting fantasy novella is filled with supernatural thrills and surprising plot twists.Epic Reads Impulse is a digital imprint with new releases each month.

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