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Blonde of the Joke (eBook)

Blonde of the Joke (eBook)

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"e;There are three and only three rules for shoplifting,"e; Francie instructed me.From the very first day Val meets the outrageously blond Francie, she realizes that Francie has the gutsy courage and determination Val has always envied. But Francie sees something in Val toosomething that Val's never noticed. "e;You've got that sneaky thing about you,"e; she says. "e;I bet you have a dark past."e;And just like that, the blonde and the brunette become partners in crime.Thanks to Francie, Val is suddenly taking risks, taking charge, and taking what she deserves. But as the stakes get higher, Francie and Val find themselves more and more tangled in a thrilling web of love, lies, and shoplifting. Soon it becomes clear that the darkest secrets have yet to be discovered. . . .

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