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Braun - Identity Collection Spin Juicer - J700

Braun - Identity Collection Spin Juicer - J700

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Brand: Braun
Model: PLID28060979

Product Information

Braun - Identity Collection Spin Juicer - J700 Enjoy your early-morning vitamin boost quickly and easily with the high-performance juicing system from Braun. It only takes seconds, with no cutting necessary thanks to the convenient large feeder chute, which allows you to toss in whole fruits and large chunks. The combination of foam separator and stainless steel micro-mesh sieve removes any foam and pulp, ensuring that you get nothing but pure juice in your glass Features: - Dishwasher safe parts - 1.25 Litre jug with foam separator - Anti-slip feet with cord storage system - Large 75mm chute to process whole fruits - 2 Speeds power to process hard and soft fruits - Fast juicing, only takes 15 seconds to enjoy one glass of juice - Anti-splash spout enables the juice to flow vertically into the glass - Unique activation, simply press the button, no need to touch the spout - If one security conditions are not met, the motor will stop within 3 seconds Specifications: - Jug Capacity: 1.25 Litre - Chute Size: 7.5cm What's in the box x 1 Juicer x 1 2-in-1 Cleaning Brush x 1 1.25 Litre Jug x 1 75mm Chute x 1 2 Litre

Container x 1 Micro-mesh Sieve

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