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ePEBO Electric Vacuum Coffee Maker - Black

ePEBO Electric Vacuum Coffee Maker - Black

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Brand: Bodum
Model: PLID54856667

Product Information

ePEBO is the supreme way of getting a cup of steaming hot coffee. The vacuum brewing method allows all the precious oils from the coffee to be extracted with the ideal balance between temperature and brewing time. The vacuum created during the brewing seals the flavours so you get full use of the good coffee beans. And it looks great when ePEBO is brewing. Dramatic and a little bit of science each time,ePEBO is the electric successor to PEBO®, the modern version of SANTOS, and it has been a part of the BODUM® line for a long time.The brewing itself on the ePEBO takes place with great respect for the optimal duration of vacuum coffee brewing. Just like a good brew using the French press, it takes 4 minutes. To this you have to add the time ePEBO takes heating the water to the optimal brewing temperature of 94 ºC and for the vacuum to generate. What's in the box 1 x Jug 1 x Lid 1 x Base 1 x Stirring Sppon 1 x Brush 1 x Lid Knob

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