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Bennett Read Hydro 15 Vacuum Cleaner

Bennett Read Hydro 15 Vacuum Cleaner

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Brand: Bennett Read
Model: PLID54857976

Product Information

Features: Advanced water-filtration: Dust mite waste is the most prevalent allergen in 85% of asthmatic children. The progressive combination filtration system traps dirt & irritants leaving you with a cleaner, healthier home. Large volume wet vacuum: The Bennett Read Hydro 15 is equipped with a unique large-volume water pick-up capacity, uniquely designed to vacuum up to 13 litres of liquid* in wet mode. Perfect for pet owners. In addition to its cutting-edge filtration system, the Bennett Read Hydro 15 also includes a full-size, dual-purpose pet turbo brush to effortlessly remove pet hair from carpets & furniture. Ultra-efficient: The Bennett Read Hydro 15 boasts an ultra-efficient 1200W motor with thermal cut-off to prevent overheating, thereby extending the life of your vacuum cleaner. Versatile cleaning system: Equipped with variable suction control, the Bennett Read Hydro 15 also allows for vacuuming of furniture & other delicate fabrics. Cleaning accessories included: The Bennett Read Hydro 15 includes a dual- purpose high-speed turbo brush, wet suction nozzle, combination nozzle for hard floors and carpets, crevice tool, dusting brush, upholstery tool and 50ml sample Hydro De-Foamer. What's in the box 1 x Main motor unit with power cord and plug 1 x Water Filtration System 1

Washable Micro Particle Filter 2 x Caster Wheels (front) 1 x Tank base + 2 large back Wheels 2 x Stainless steel extension wands 1 x Flex Hose and Handle assembly 1 x Multi surface vacuum nozzle 1 x Wet Suction nozzle 1 x Dual purpose Turbo Brush 1 x Crevice Nozzle 1 x Dusting Brush 1 x Upholstery Nozzle 1 x 50ml Defoamer Sample bottle 1 x User Guide

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