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Weber - Original Poultry Roaster

Weber - Original Poultry Roaster

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Brand: Weber
Model: PLID32721587

Product Information

Weber - Original Poultry Roaster The Weber Original Poultry Roaster is ideal for beer can chicken or traditional roast chicken. It is a classic barbecue preparation that places a whole chicken upright over a partially-filled can of beer (or wine or other liquids in a can). When cooking with this indirect method, the liquid gently boils and infuses the chicken with flavour and ensures moistness. The poultry roaster has been designed to provide better stability and easier transport of your beer can chicken from grill to table Features: - Manufactured from plated steel - Solid construction - Designed for easy on and off the grill - Fits Weber Q 300 and larger gas grills - Fits 47cm and larger charcoal grills - Dishwasher safe What's in the box x 1 Poultry Roaster

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