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Weber - Grill Brush and Scraper Large - 45cm

Weber - Grill Brush and Scraper Large - 45cm

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Brand: Weber
Model: PLID32721571

Product Information

Weber - Grill Brush & Scraper Large - 45cm The Weber Bamboo Grill Brush with Scraper features durable steel bristles and a notched scraper that will help your grill grates clean. The 30cm handle helps provide a long reach for added convenience Features: - Helps to keep grill grates clean and free of food and debris - Stiff stainless-steel bristles - Solid bamboo handle - Easy to keep clean, just wash in warm, soapy water - The notched scraper on the head of the brush head helps clear away hard-to-clean residue - A leather loop allows you to hang the brush from a grill hook for easy storage - Can be used to clean a variety of grate materials, including chrome, porcelain enamel, cast iron and stainless steel What's in the box x 1 Grill Brush & scraper

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