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Kreepy Krauly - Super Sweepy Machine Only

Kreepy Krauly - Super Sweepy Machine Only

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Brand: Kreepy Krauly
Model: PLID52802638

Product Information

Kreepy Krauly - Super Sweepy Machine Only This unit is the very reason why Kreepy Krauly can give you a unique lifetime warranty on the only internal moving apart of your pool cleaner, and offer you a system, that does not require the usage of a replacement diaphragm. Its unique movement allows a continuous uninterrupted flow of water to your filter. The double flow chamber gives a continuous uninterrupted flow with maximum flow per hour, thus increasing filtration. Features: - Movement not dictated by hose - Optimal speed - New patented streamlined head - Nylon bush assisted swivel-head - Beaded bumber roller assembly - 2 Suction points - Uninterrupted suction flow - New generation "Scoop" What's in the box x 1 Pool Cleaner x 1 Pleated Disc

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