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HTH - Stabiliser - 1kg

HTH - Stabiliser - 1kg

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Brand: HTH
Model: PLID28116765

Product Information

Stabiliser acts as a UV protectant for the chlorine in your pool. Add stabiliser to your pool once at the beginning of the season. Check stabiliser level before calculating required dosage. With ongoing use of stabilised products, stabiliser builds up in pool water and high levels may result in insufficient chlorine and harmful bacteria in your pool. To avoid any inconvenience, backwash and top up your pool regularly. Features: - Reduces the loss of chlorine in pool water - Promotes cost effective pool maintenance Directions for use: - Ensure pH and TA levels are correct and that the pool water is blue - Discontinue the Automatic Pool Cleaner - Backwash and rinse the filter thoroughly - Add the required amount of HTH Pool Stabiliser directly into the weir. Every 1 kg of HTH Pool Stabiliser will raise the stabiliser level in a 50 000 litre pool by 20ppm. Please adjust dosage proportionally to meet your needs - Set the filter onto Circulate/Re-circulate or Bypass position - Pour the slurry into the weir, while the filter is running. Run the filter continuously for the next 12 hours - Do not backwash or vacuum the pool for the next 48 hours to

the product being lost before it dissolves - After 48 hours re-connect the Automatic Pool Cleaner, switch the filter back to the filter position and continue with the basic pool maintenance routine. PLEASE NOTE: Due to health and safety regulations this product can only be transported by road, which may impact scheduled delivery times. We appreciate your understanding! What's in the box HTH - Stabiliser - 1kg

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