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0-28% ATC Digital Food Salinity Refractometer

0-28% ATC Digital Food Salinity Refractometer

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Brand: Unbranded
Model: PLID52691159

Product Information

Description: This meter is designed for measuring saline solution, concentration of Salty food, Sea water & salt water. It is mainly applied in such fields as all various of pickles, sauerkraut, salted and preserved vegetables, Salt-water organisms breedings, aquarium & normal saline. Features: - This optical refractometers has scales in the range of 0-28%. division : +/-0.2%. The large scale range makes it to be used in wider areas - Ideal for measuring the sodium chloride content in high concentration salty liquid, such as brine and some industry liquids - Mainly used in food industry like pickling food, cooking food, fish processing products, seawater, brine, etc - Instant Reading Result: Just need 2-3 drops of solution and a few seconds, you can get accurate readings - Features automatic temperature compensation: makes it even easier to get fast results - It has the advantages of fast, accurate, light weight, small size and so on - The instrument is easy to use, fast and accurate measurement Specifications: - Product Size: 17x4x4cm - Material: Aluminium Alloy and Prism - Salt concentration: 0-28% Measurement range: 0-28% - Measurement Accuracy: 0.2% (Accuracy: +/- 0.20%, Resolution: +/- 0.2%) Note: - Size may be a little deviation

to manual measurement - Keep the refractometer dry and clean , which can make the instrument accurate and durable What's in the box 1 x Salinity Refractometer 1 x Mini-screwdriver 1 x Pipette

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