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African Beauty Secret Argan Oil - 25ml

African Beauty Secret Argan Oil - 25ml

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Product Information
Argan oil, also known as Moroccan liquid gold, used by the Berber peoples for centuries. Features:
- High Vitamin E content, sterols and essential fatty acids
- High levels of Omega 3, 6 & 9
- Anti-oxidant properties
- Nourishes, repairs & protects your skin
- An anti-ageing, restorative & healing solution for many types of skin
- Repairs damaged hair, replenishing moisture from root to tip
- Strengthens hair by nourishing and assisting growth
- Keeps nails strong and healthy and helps repair damaged cuticles Directions:
- For skin and nails use a few drops, rub between your palms and then massage into the desired area
- For hair: use a few drops on dry hair and comb through ensuring even distribution
- As a hair mask: use a liberal amount and massage into your scalp, hair and tips, wrap your hair in a towel to prevent pillow staining and leave overnight (or a few hours and then wash it out)
- Wash it out in the morning with your normal shampoo Ingredients: Argan oil

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