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FHI Heat Hair Filler Powder - Red

FHI Heat Hair Filler Powder - Red

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Brand: Unbranded
Model: PLID41661982

Product Information
Developed with a fade proof, transfer proof formula, Hair Veil is designed to stay on the scalp eliminating shiny spots and exposed scalp. The special diagonal tail brush, created by stylists, allows you to part the hair with one side and apply hair filler with the other side of the brush. Hair Veil is a water resistant formula that will not run or bleed until you shampoo it out making it very convenient for all women and men suffering from thinning hair. Hair Veil is available in 8 colors. While the shade may appear dark it has been formulated by expert stylists to specifically match your hair color. Benefits:
- Transfer and Fade proof
- Water Resistant
- Custom designed, diagonal brush for even application and shading
- Provides thorough coverage and blending to eliminate shiny spots and exposed scalp and camouflage scars
- Creates the appearance of full, thick hair for women and men affected by thinning hair
- Extended life of color treated hair by filling in regrowth with the matching shade Specification:
- Warranty: Non-Returnable

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