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Skin Republic Platinum Lift Face Mask Sheet - 25ml

Skin Republic Platinum Lift Face Mask Sheet - 25ml

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Product Information
Platinum, Trehalose, and Pomegranate protect against environmental stressors. Lift and firm the appearance of the skin, enhancing texture and elasticity. Features and Benefits:
- Reduces visible signs of aging
- Antioxidant rich
- Skin appears firmer, toned and lifted Key Ingredients Colloidal Platinum Colloidal Platinum is believed to be one of the highest antioxidant and antiaging ingredients available. Platinum is an amino polypeptide which penetrates the layers of the skin and assists in the production of the skin's collagen and elastin. Collagen firms and supports the layers of the skin. While elastin provides flexibility allowing the face to bounce back after you smile or frown. Colloidal Platinum, not only provides super antioxidant efficacy, but it also helps carries active ingredients deep into the skin thereby promoting smoother, firmer and healthier skin. Oxygen destroys collagen and elastin in the skin and oxidizes unsaturated fatty acids to create wrinkles, spots, and freckles. Colloidal Platinum assists in collagen synthesis and cell renewal. Pomegranate High in antioxidant properties with additional skincare benefits ranging from UVA and UVB induced damage control, skin regeneration, hyperpigmentation control, and collagen production. Pomegranate is a rich source of conjugated fatty acids and polyphenol, that lend the fruit potent antioxidant,

anti-inflammatory and free radical scavenging abilities – higher than that of green tea and red wine. Witch Hazel Witch hazel is one of the world's oldest cosmetic ingredients. A true tried and tested skincare ingredient wich hazel offers a variety of skin benefits. It helps prevent moisture loss and is an excellent natural astringent helping pore to appear smaller. Witch hazel also helps to stabilize the barrier function of the skin helping to soothe redness. How to use Cleanse skin, remove the mask from packaging, unfold and place on face, wear for 15-20 minutes, remove the mask, do not rinse. Excess serum can be applied to neck, décolletage, and hands.

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