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Nutritech Createch Summer Pine Crush - 1.25kg

Nutritech Createch Summer Pine Crush - 1.25kg

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Product Information
Nutritech Createch loaded is a complete anabolic pre-and/or post-workout muscle recovery and transportation agent. The advanced Createch loaded formula is engineered with a 45g fast multi-stage release 4-source carbohydrate blend, including patented Cluster Dextrin, to spike insulin levels, maximise Creatine transport, absorption and reload glycogen stores. Designed to promote rapid increases in size, strength, power and when taken as directed, the Createch loaded formula delivers a dual Creatine support, with 5grams of Creatine HCL and Monohydrate on a 1:1 ratio, 5g of BCAAs on a 3:1:1 ratio and 3 g of L-Glutamine. Hard gainer Creatine transport system. cluster dextrin, 2500mg Creatine HCL, 2500mg Creatine monohydrate and 5000mg BCAAS. Specifications:
- Packaging Dimensions: 240mm x 140mm x 140mm
- Weight: 1.25kg
- Warranty: 24 Months Kindly note that we do not give any medical advice.TAKEALOT.com is a retail website, selling supplements and other health-related branded products (none of which are scheduled medication). Any medical advice should be given by your personal health care professional.

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