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Slimming Dragees - 60 Tablets

Slimming Dragees - 60 Tablets

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Product Information
Slimming Gragees
- 60 Tablets. New Improved Slimming Dragees herbal supplement contains Green Mate extract to support healthy weight loss. Benefits:
- Green Mate extract is derived from the leaves of the evergreen tree Ilex Paraguariensis
- It is a natural source of vitality and energy which enhances physical and mental endurance
- It activates metabolic processes to reduce body fat and provides anti-oxidant protection while achieving your weight loss goals
- Slimming Dragees with Green Mate extract offers a convenient way to support your weight loss goals Directions for Use:
- Take one tablet twice a day at breakfast and at noon with 2 full glasses of water, or as directed by your healthcare professional
- Only effective if used in conjunction with a calorie controlled diet Warranty:
- Non Returnable

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