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Flo Cup Menstrual Cup - Midi

Flo Cup Menstrual Cup - Midi

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Brand: Unbranded
Model: PLID54549117

Product Information
- Made from the same medical grade silicone as baby bottle and dummy teats
- Does not absorb your natural lubrication
- Wear up to 12 hours at a time
- The cup seal prevents odours
- Lowers the risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome
- Sleek design for comfort and easy cleaning
- Holds three time as much as a tampon
- Reusable for 5 to 10 years, saving you money
- All components of the packaging are biodegradable and eco-friendly
- Protection during active times, so ideal for sports, gym or yoga Specification:
- Capacity 20ml
- Diameter 41mm
- Length incl stem 59mm NB
- Recommended suitability for a woman under 30 who have never given birth (bodies come in all shapes and sizes and so do vaginas. Please note that sizing is a guideline and cannot be guaranteed. What's in the box Gift Box, Menstrual Cup, Travel Bag

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