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Alfa Leone Petimezi Pure Grape Must Molasses (250ml)

Alfa Leone Petimezi Pure Grape Must Molasses (250ml)

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Product Information
Alfa Leone's Petimezi is 100% natural & pure concentrated grape must molasses made according to a traditional recipe, without preservatives. Recent scientific studies have shown that it has a rich nutritious value and is prized for its delicious sweet taste and its high iron and calcium content (excellent source of iron for anaemia). As the Petimezi is a natural sweetener, you can use it as a substitute for sugar, honey or maple syrup. Pour a generous drizzle of Petimezi over ice cream, yoghurt, cheese, pancakes or waffles to upgrade them with its distinct flavor and sweetness. It is also great for glazes and dressings and makes a good superfood when mixed with tahini. You can drizzle it over all types of salads ,fish ,poultry and game .it is a multi use product . It is in the Top 20 International Olymp Awards World Class Food & Beverage and has won numerous awards. Top Superfood Additional Benefits:
- It's a tonic drink
- Enhances / Improves blood circulation
- Boosts immune system
- Gives a boost of energy
- Rich in energy
- Antidepressant
- Soothes sore throats No sugars, additives, colouring or perservatives added. What's in the box 1x 250ml

Petimezi Grape Syrup

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