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Natures Nutrition Kiddies Amazing Superfood Mix - Berry Blast

Natures Nutrition Kiddies Amazing Superfood Mix - Berry Blast

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Product Information
Does your kid need more quality nutrients? Say hello to your new best friend! Uncompromising goodness and the best taste around, will leave your little ones healthy, strong and energised with real wholesome superfoods. Packed with 50 Organic Greens, Vegetables and Fruits
- this exceptionally unique blend also contains added Omegas and Mushrooms for brilliant brain health and concentration. Vitamin C and dairy-free Probiotics support gut health and immune systems. The delicious berry taste will leave them wanting more. Easy to mix into smoothies, water, fruit juice, porridge, oats, yoghurt, fruit, in fact almost anything! Give your kids the nutrition they deserve so they can function on all cylinders. Features:
- 100% plant-based
- USDA organic
- 100 mg Vitamin C per serving
- Gluten-free
- Dairy-free probiotic
- High fibre
- Non-GMO superfood blend
- < 30 calories per serving
- Super yummy taste What's in the box Nature's Nutrition Kids Berry Blast 400g

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