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Kinesiology Tape Dream K Tribe - Yellow/Red - 5cm x 2m

Kinesiology Tape Dream K Tribe - Yellow/Red - 5cm x 2m

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Brand: Unbranded
Model: PLID49325749

Product Information
Prostrap Tape & Strapping Kinesiology Tape Prostrap Tape & Strapping, facilitates rehabilitation while supporting muscles in motion. Functions and application of Kino tape: Supporting muscles in motion. Assists the flow of body fluids to affected area. Improve skin structure. It is water and sweat resistant and has a 3 to 5-day application. Tips before use:
- Prior to application, clean the skin with soap and water and allow to dry
- Tape should be applied 1 hour prior to activity or shower Directions for use:
- Once applied, rub tape to activate the glue (increases adhesive property) Specification:
- Warranty: non-returnable

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