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Evox Creatine Overload Mixed Berry 650G

Evox Creatine Overload Mixed Berry 650G

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Product Information
Our formulation has added Creatine Monohydrate , L-Glutamine and Creatine HCL that is transported to your muscles with extreme speed and e­fficiency for enhanced cell volumization and lean muscle gain. Free form amino acids, including L-Glutamine and Taurine are said to assist the bodies muscle building, repair and recovery systems for effective rapid delivery of anabolic and anti-catabolic nutrients into the blood especially in the immediate Anabolic Window post workout. Creatine Overload support's increased training intensity, improved muscular strength and lean muscle growth while assisting in preparing your muscle cells for your next training session. Now you can train harder and recover even quicker. Directions for use:
- Take 2 slightly heaped scoops
- Mix (2 scoops = 43g) with 300ml
- 350ml cold water
- Add or remove to acquire desirable taste
- For Creatine Overload loading phase, drink four servings daily for five days, then maintain at one to two servings daily
- For best results during maintenance, take one serving prior to and one serving directly after your workout Specifications:
- Dimensions: 190mm x 150mm x 150mm
- Weight: 0.650g
- Warranty: Non-returnable Kindly note that we do not give any medical advice. TAKEALOT.com is a retail

website, selling supplements and other health-related branded products (none of which are scheduled medication). Any medical advice should be given by your personal health care professional.

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