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USN Blue Lab 100% Premium Whey Protein Vanilla - 908g

USN Blue Lab 100% Premium Whey Protein Vanilla - 908g

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Product Information
Whey Protein Isolate, Hydrolysate and Concentrate Blend in Delicious Flavours. Following rigorous consumer taste testing performed in South Africa's leading supplement retailers, USN have now released BlueLab 100% Whey Protein
- a Whey protein product that still includes the premium ingredients sourced from the world's best suppliers, with the added appeal of consumer-influenced flavours. Benefits:
- Optimal muscle support and recovery
- Optimal nitrogen retention and amino acid conversion
- Easy digesting whey protein Isolate, Hydrolysate and Concentrate Directions for use:
- 22.3g protein serving
- Mix 1 scoop, 32g into 150-200ml of cold water
- Optimal 44.6g protein double serving
- Mix 2 scoops, 64g into 300-400ml of cold water
- Shake well for 30 seconds, settle for 60 seconds, and shake again before drinking
- Adjust your protein intake from 1-5 servings depending on your physical goal and protein requirements
- Throughout the day
- Before and after training Specifications:
- Dimensions: 23cm x 12cm x 12cm
- Weight: 1.073kg
- Warranty: Non returnable Kindly note that we do not give any medical advice.TAKEALOT.com is a retail website, selling supplements and other health-related branded products (none of which are scheduled medication). Any medical advice should be given by

your personal health care professional.

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