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Vita-Aid Revive-39 Chocolate Flavoured - 375g

Vita-Aid Revive-39 Chocolate Flavoured - 375g

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Product Information
Vita-Aid Revive-39 Chocolate Flavoured
- 375g. Vita-Aid Revive-39 is a nutritional superfood which combines 39 of the most essential and powerful natural nutrients known to man, in a complete ready-to-eat-meal-in-a-shake. Everything that the body needs to fortify its immune system, providing sustained energy and concentration. Benefits:
- It is great value for money, as it exponentially increases absorption of Revive-39 and other healthy food you eat
- It provides food for development of the brain and helps with concentration
- It supports the intestine with direct benefit to the immune system
- It supports recovery after illness or injuries
- It provides sustained energy during times of stress
- It suppresses harmful viruses and stops diarrhoea
- It provides improvement in energy and quick recovery for endurance athletes such as triathletes, 'Comrades Marathon' runners, and 'Ironman' athletes
- It is ideal to be used as part of a weight loss programme, with only 366 kJ or 87 calories per serving
- It provides better blood glucose control for diabetics
- Reduction in the severity of chemotherapy side effects in cancer clients
- Has reported improvement in children suffering from leaky gut syndrome and allergies
- Reduction in symptoms of irritable

bowel syndrome or spastic colon
- Reported reduction in severity and duration of acute infectious diseases
- General improvement in chronically ill and elderly people
- Reduced fatigue and nausea reported by pregnant women
- Favourable feedback from breastfeeding women
- Increased energy levels in factory workers
- Significant increase in immune levels for individuals suffering from HIV/AIDS Specifications:
- Dimensions: 17.55cm x 10cm x 10cm
- Size: 375g
- Warranty: Non-Returnable

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