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USN BCAA 12:1:1 315g - Tropical Punch

USN BCAA 12:1:1 315g - Tropical Punch

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Product Information
High doses of leucine, it will help you in your weight gain goals, volume or lean muscle building. Essential amino acids (valine, leucine, isoleucine) are essential in muscle regeneration and muscle development. Each consumer of BCAA before or after training helps maintain a positive nitrogen balance thus improving production of new muscle fibres. Leucine is certainly the most essential star amino acid in muscle development. In addition to an incredible dose of BCAAs leucine 12: 1: 1 Nanox contains beta-alanine, which will help you slow the rise of lactic acid in the muscles also help you gain muscle endurance. Vitamin B6 has been added to improve nutrients transformation into energy. Directions:
- 1 scoop (10gr) per day, to be dissolved in a glass of water (200ml) Ingredients:
- L-leucine, beta alanine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, citric acid, tropical fruits (flavour), acesulphame K, sucralose, safflower extract, malic acid, beta carotene, pyridoxine hydrochloride. 1 scoop BCAA 12:1:1 contains 6,2 g leucine, 500 mg valine, 500 mg isoleucine, 2 g beta alanine, 1,4 mg vitamin B6 Specification:
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