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Nutritech Endurade Recovery Milk - 600g

Nutritech Endurade Recovery Milk - 600g

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Product Information
Research shows that muscles which have been broken down during times of prolonged physical exertion benefit almost immediately from protein and carbohydrate replenishment. Modelled around the modern endurance athlete's recovery product of choice, Endurade Recovery Milk combines a 2:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio with the smooth and refreshing chocolaty taste of chocolate milk. Endurade Recovery Milk adds to this ratio with a blend of electrolytes and amino acids. Endurade Recovery Milk's protein is sourced from premium quality whey protein. Studies show that whey protein digests easier and reaches muscles faster than other types of protein. The sooner you feed your muscles the sooner they rebuild. Benefits:
- Carbohydrates: According to studies, ingesting carbohydrates immediately after periods of prolonged exercise helps to refill the muscles depleted glycogen stores
- Protein: Research shows that ingesting protein immediately after periods of prolonged exercise helps to rebuild and repair tired and damaged muscles
- Amino Acids: Can assist in rebuilding and repairing tired and damaged muscles
- Electrolytes: Electrolytes are lost through perspiration Directions for use:
- Mix 1-2 scoops (30-60g) with 250-500ml of water (room temperature)
- Shake thoroughly and drink immediately and/or intermittently during exercise
- Consume a serving of Endurade Recovery

Milk directly after training or competition for rehydration and recovery Specification:
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