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Lifegain Junior Vanilla - 300g

Lifegain Junior Vanilla - 300g

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Product Information
Parents face many challenges as they raise their children, amongst the more worrisome is that of caring for a sick child. When children are sick parents usually struggle to get them to eat anything never mind eating healthy. Lifegain Junior is a nutritional supplement of high quality with a unique soy-based formulation. This formulation provides children from the age of 3 years with additional protein, essential amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Lifegain Junior can offer support and lower the risk of illnesses. Lifegain Junior is gentle on the system making it ideal to take if children are in a weakened physical state or unable to eat. Lifegain Junior is:
- High in Omega 3 fatty acids (Brain function and immune support)
- High in Protein (Soy-, milk and whey protein blend)
- High in Energy
- A source of Zinc (Immune function
- and cell production)
- High in Fibre as packed (Support for the healthy functioning of digestive tract and removal of toxins. Fibre may also assist in providing a more sustained release of energy)
- Lifegain Junior contains no added sugar and it is free of cholesterol, trans fatty acids and lactose Kindly note that we do

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