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Tropitone Move It Pump Spray 30 - 125ml

Tropitone Move It Pump Spray 30 - 125ml

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Product Information
Tripitone Move it Pump Spray 30
- 125ml Tropitone Water Babies is a sun protection range specifically formulated to protect the delicate, sensitive skin of little ones while they play in the sunshine. The bonus is mom can use it too. Give your baby's skin the best sun protection with CANSA-endorsed Tropitone Water Babies sunscreens. We both know your most important asset can burn ex tremely easily so an effective sun protector is essential. Features:
- This range of fragrance free, alcohol free and gentle sunscreens wonÆt irritate sensitive skin. It is enriched with Teavigo Green Tea Ex tract, which helps eliminate ex cess free radicals that are known to cause skin damage
- SPF's 30, 40 and now 50 ensure high UVA and UVB ray protection, while easy-application lotion and spray formats provide an ideal, hassle-free solution for year-round protection for both mom and baby
- Size: 125ml

EAN: 6002413015781
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