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Allocacoc 3-in-1 USB Charge Sync Cable - White

Allocacoc 3-in-1 USB Charge Sync Cable - White

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Brand: Allocacoc
Model: PLID45135323

Product Information
One cable for all The Power |USBcable| has three different connectors(USB type-C/Lightning/Micro-USB), making it much more unlikely that you do not have the right cable on you, as you can use the same cable for multiple devices. No entanglement The Power |USBcable| has an uncommon flat design, making it less likely that the cord will entangle when you stuff it in your bag. And if it does, the knot will never be as tight as it could get with a conventional cable. Free CableFix The complementary CableFix enables you to neatly arrange the cables on your desk. With its sticky pad it can be adhered to any smooth surface, not leaving any trace behind when removed. Simply wipe it with a damp napkin and let it regain its stickiness to reuse it. Charge The Power |USBcable| enables you to charge your devices, and also the ones of friends using another connector type – cables you would else wise not bother to carry around. Data transfer Besides charging the Power |USBcable| also allows data transfer. This enables you to e.g. connect your portable hard drive to your computer, or synchronise your music library between your phone and laptop. What's in the

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