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Bubblegum Junior Plus 10 Inch Educational Tablet - Blue

Bubblegum Junior Plus 10 Inch Educational Tablet - Blue

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Brand: bubblegum tablets
Model: PLID60868919

Product Information
Bubblegum Tablets supply colourful, fun and affordable Android Tablet PCs pre-loaded with educational software, games, and storybooks. A parent-child mode is available which allows parents to fully customize functionality for their children. The dual-core tablets are fully Wi-Fi enabled. The new 10-inch tab offers a bigger screen with improved cameras
- a 2MP front and 5MP rear camera. Included in theiWawaimprovements is a dual SIM system allowing your child to make calls and be online even when they are outside a WiFi zone. There is also support for a microSD card up to 32GB. The Bubblegum Junior Plus 10 inch tablet features iWawa Home which is aimed at increasing security, creating healthy content and allows for easier management of the device. The App allows for easier playtime management and the creation of safe play space for your child. Fun Apps included on the tablet:
- Karaoke
- Piano
- Spin Guess
- Rotating Graphics
- Numerous Educational Games What's in the box Tablet, Stand, Manual

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