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Wacom Intuos Pro Large Paper Edition

Wacom Intuos Pro Large Paper Edition

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Brand: Wacom
Model: PLID44185803

Product Information
Wacom Intuos Pro Large Paper Edition
- Redefining the professional standard in creative pen tablets
- Wacom Intuos Pro offers you more natural creative control than ever before.
- Combining the super-sensitive Wacom Pro Pen 2 with our sleek new tablet design, it feels and looks amazing. And if you begin your projects on paper, Wacom Intuos Pro Paper
- Edition can completely transform the way you work, automatically converting sketches on paper into digital files, as you draw. Are you ready to make a breakthrough?
- Live. Dare. Create. Product Descriptions: New Wacom Pro Pen 2: Natural And Precise Our new Wacom Pro Pen 2 is designed to quickly become a natural extension of your hand. Its exceptional sensitivity and responsiveness gives you the control you need to take your work to the next level.
- Outstanding pressure sensitivity
- Natural tilt support
- Virtually no lag
- No batteries or recharging An Age-Old Way To Be Creative, Brought Up To Date Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition adds a new medium to your digital workflow
- paper. Paper-to-digital workflow, step by step:
- Clip your favorite drawing paper on the surface of the Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition and

sketch with that familiar feel. Work on A5 paper (half-letter size) with our Medium model and A4 paper (letter size) with the Large model.
- As you draw with the Finetip Pen (or optional Ballpoint Pen), Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition captures every stroke as an editable file that can be opened in your favorite creative software.
- You don't need to be connected to a computer or the internet; Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition will store up to 200 multi-layered or 1000 one-layered drawings, ready for you to access on other devices
- Connect Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition to your computer with USB. Using Inkspace, you can sync, store and export your sketches in common creative file formats
- including layered raster and vector.
- Continue your work with your Wacom Intuos Pro attached to your computer and the sensitive new Wacom Pro Pen 2. Requires registration and a Wacom ID Slim And Sleek Design
- Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition comes in both Medium and Large sizes. Each has a smaller, more compact footprint than previous models. Wacom Intuos Pro is built using premium materials such as black anodized aluminum and fiberglass composite resin. The result is

a pen tablet that feels reassuringly strong but is a mere 8mm thick.
- Included with every Wacom Intuos Pro, the new steel based Pen Stand stores your spare nibs and has a built-in tool to make replacing them super-simple.
- Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition comes with an Accessory Soft Case for carrying your Paper Clip, pens, and other accessories. Inkspace Convert your paper sketches to layered raster and vector formats Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition comes with invaluable Inkspace features specifically designed for artists and designers.
- They give you total, flexible control over your work:
- Export your work in layered raster or vector formats (such as PSD and SVG)
- Sync your creations across multiple devices
- Share your creative projects with colleagues and clients Work Your Way Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition is designed to let you focus on what's important
- your creativity.
- Customizable ExpressKeys and Touch Ring provide quick and easy shortcuts for everyday tasks.
- Multi-touch gestures make navigating around your work as simple as using your smartphone.
- Wacom Pro Pen 2's side switches put shortcuts and controls literally at your fingertips.
- Nail every detail with our 0.4mm diameter

Finetip Pen
- a smooth gel-ink pen with replaceable refills that works in harmony with Wacom Intuos Pro Paper Edition.
- Choose from three different Texture Sheets to change the feel of your Wacom Intuos Pro. Each simulates different drawing papers, from smooth to rough. Specifications: Product Type: Creative Pen Tablet Model Number Medium: PTH-660P Large: PTH-860P Size:
- Medium 338 x 219 x 8 mm / 13.2 x 8.5 x 0.3 in
- Large: 430 x 287 x 8 mm / 16.8 x 11.2 x 0.3 in Active Area
- Medium: 224 x 148 mm / 8.7 x 5.8 in
- Large: 311 x 216 mm / 12.1 x 8.4 in Weight
- Medium: 700g/ 1.54lbs
- Large: 1300g/ 2.86lb
- Colour: Black
- Multi-Touch: Yes
- Stylus: Wacom Pro Pen 2
- Stylus Type: Pressure-sensitive, cordless, battery-free
- Pen Pressure Levels: 8192, both pen tip and eraser
- Tilt Recognition: Plus,minus 60 levels
- Switches: 2 side switches on pen, Touch on/off switch on tablet
- Replacement Nibs: 10 Pro Pen 2 nibs (6 standard and 4 felt nibs in pen stand)
- Desktop Pen Stand: Yes
- Grip: Latex-free silicone rubber (Pro Pen 2)
- Technology: Patented

electromagnetic resonance method
- Resolution: 5080 lpi
- ExpressKeys: 8 customizable, application-specific
- Touch Ring: Yes
- 4 customizable functions
- Express View Display (hud): Yes
- Radial Menu: Yes
- Display Toggle: Yes
- Dedicated Pan, Scroll, Zoom, Brush Size: Yes
- Cordless Pen: Yes
- Precision Mode: Yes
- Cable Included: 2 m (6.6 ft) PVC-fre

EAN: 4949268620079
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