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Thomas Stick Vacuum Cleaner – Cordless Quick Stick Boost

Thomas Stick Vacuum Cleaner – Cordless Quick Stick Boost

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Brand: Thomas
Model: PLID68792798

Product Information
Thomas Quick Stick Boost Vacuum Cleaner • This cordless handheld vacuum cleaner goes just about anywhere. • It effortlessly removes dust, animal hair and crumbs with its electric turbo floor nozzle, with LED light and 180-degree swivel. • Mobility on all floors ensures easy vacuuming, even under cupboards. • In just a few simple steps, the device can be converted into a handy cordless vacuum cleaner for easy cleaning of stairs, cars or upholstered furniture. • Thanks to its light weight, even ceilings can be quickly and easily cleared of dust. The long crevice nozzle is ideal for this. • Effortless emptying of the dust box with just one click, and without making contact with the dust. • Easy battery change allowing one to continue to vacuum comfortably, without annoying tripping hazards. • Thanks to the practical wall bracket with accessory holder and integrated charging station, the Quick Stick Boost is always at hand and ready for use. For quick vacuuming in between. • Easy filter change: The washable hygiene filter can be removed and changed quickly and easily. • Easily removable microfiber roller: Easy handling, even when cleaning the electric turbo floor brush. With just one click, the microfiber

roller can be removed, and lint and hair can be cleaned off • 2 in 1 combi nozzle: The 2 in 1 combi nozzle can be used to vacuum upholstery and furniture in no time, as the interchangeable nozzle is always at hand. Thanks to the long crevice nozzles, corners and hard-to-reach areas are thoroughly cleaned. Features: 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner (vertical + manual) Easy battery charge with LED charge indicator Battery working time: Thirty minutes Easy emptying of the dust box Practical wall mounting bracket with suction cup holder. 2-in-1 combination nozzle for upholstery and furniture cleaning Electric turbo floor nozzle with LED light and 180-degree swivel joint, for more mobility on all floors Warranty: 2 years Accessories: Turbo-brush for carpets and floors 2-in-1 combined nozzle: nozzle for cleaning modular furniture and furniture upholstery. Long nozzle
- crevice nozzle Technical specifications Powerful 2500 mAh Li-ion power battery / 21.6 V 350 W digital motor Noise level: 88 dB (A) Type of dust container: Cyclone Dust tank capacity: 0,50 Litre Dimensions 1120 x 210 x 270 mm (HxDxW) Weight net / gross: 2.24 kg / 4.15 kg Item Code: 785-303 Quick Stick Boost What's in the box Thomas Quick Stick

Boost Vacuum Cleaner with 1x Turbo-brush 1x 2-in-1 combined nozzle 1x Long /crevice nozzle

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