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Earth & Co Oat Milk 10 x 1Lt

Earth & Co Oat Milk 10 x 1Lt

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Brand: Earth & Co
Model: PLID65549590

Product Information
There's no limit to what Earth & Co Oat Milk can be used for since it's delicious used straight from the carton (in tea, coffee or cereals) or straight into a cooking pan (for sauces, cakes, pancakes or just about any dish you care to think of). Best served chilled and may be heated. So it's versatile, tastes good and being plant-based, dairy-free and low in saturated fat, Earth & Co Oat Milk is fit for you and the planet too. Features:
- Dairy free
- Low fat
- Cholesterol free
- Nut free
- Free from emulsifiers and stabilisers
- Suitable for vegans
- Free from preservatives, colourants and flavourings
- No sugar added
- Source of calcium What's in the box 10 x 1Lt Oat Milk

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