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Spectra - Tote Bag - Black

Spectra - Tote Bag - Black

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Brand: Spectra
Model: PLID26682009

Product Information
- Tote Bag
- Black The Spectra Tote Bag is everything the working mom needs to carry her pump, attachments, containers, and milk to and from work every day. A removable divider creates two components inside the bag: one for keeping the milk cool and one large enough to comfortably contain the Dew 300 or other Spectra breast pump with all its attachments. Alternatively, you could carry your Tote Bag over the shoulder by the removable strap. The cooling section of the Tote Bag can easily hold at least five Spectra Storage Bottles or eight Spectra Disposable Breast Milk Bags. What's In The Box: x 1 Tote Bag x 1 Divider Features:
- R emovable divider
- T wo soft handles may be joined with an attached Velcro strip for easy carriage Specifications:
- Material: Polyester and Velcro
- Colour: Black
- Warranty: 6 Months

EAN: 8809108011176
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